Best Places to Visit in Greece

Best Places to Visit in Greece

Is there anything more mysterious than Greece? The myths, the legends, the rich culture, the in depth history – it is truly a treasure, and there are so many places to go, how can you ever decide? Well, we can help, though be forewarned – we have chosen some spots off the beaten path.

We begin with Chania Old Town, which is thought to be the oldest city that is still inhabited in the entire world. That may be up for debate, but it is definitely old – more than five thousand years old – and rich in culture and history. It is located in Crete, an important place in and of itself.

Chania was Crete’s capital until 1971. There are still lots of Turkish and Venetian buildings remaining, especially around the harbor area.

Chania has an Archaeological Museum, a Byzantine Museum, and a Maritime Museum.

Fiskardo is located on the northern tip of gorgeous Cephalonia. It has plenty of charm and is considered one of the most “gently sophisticated” areas in Greece. However, it has not lost any of its character and still retains the air of a quaint island fishing village. Eighteenth century homes in pastel colors dot the landscape. Around the bay, you can still see the remains of a Venetian lighthouse, as well as a Norman church, not to mention a Roman bath.

The streets are like a postcard, but the town still has something of a buzz. You will most certainly never be bored, not in the least because there is still plenty to explore, and plenty to do in this town where boats still make up the main traffic.

Located in Zakynthos, Porto Roma is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in that area. It is particularly well known for its gorgeous beaches and the green, gorgeous landscape, which offers lots of opportunities for walking, hiking, and cycling, just to name a few of the outdoor activities you can enjoy there.

The main Porto Roma beach is within walking distance, and the Gerakas beach is but a short distance away. It is worth a visit, due to the fact that Caretta Caretta sea turtles enjoy nesting there Otota. Both Porto Roma and Gerakas are within the bounds of the National Marine Park.

Glass bottom boat tours are a favorite, there are plenty of charming tavernas, and the city is quite close to Zakynthos Town, which offers many different facilities itself.